is proud to support the 2015 AXUG Summit in Reno/Tahoe.  Join us for this action packed week, including pre-conference training through the AXUG Academy and also in various roundtable discussions.   Considerations for Implementing Forecast and Master Scheduling: What to Know Before Kicking off MRP Room: A11 Date: Oct 14th Time: 11:00 am Before beginning down the “MRP” path, several business considerations need to be taken into account. This session will cover an overview of business functions that need to be considered, along with what impact business decisions will have on how master scheduling and forecast scheduling will be implemented. It will also cover, at a high level, what other AX modules will be impacted. Register here:   Forecast Scheduling and MRP – Secrets to Get You Started Room: A11 Date: Oct 14th Time: 3:45 pm Implementing forecast scheduling in AX isn’t just like flipping a switch. This session focuses on setting up and executing forecast scheduling including forecast planning, allocation, and period keys as well as forecast modeling. Register here:   Mastering Coverage Planning 1 – Set Up and Configuration Room: A11 Date: Oct 15th Time: 11:00 am This will be part 1 of a two part series. In session one the main emphasis will be on the correct setup of Coverage Groups as well as an overview of when Item Coverage should be used. It will also address when and where lead times can and/or should be set up. Register here:   Mastering Coverage Planning 2 – Implementing Coverage Planning for Different Business Scenarios Room: A11 Date: Oct 15th Time: 3:15 pm This will be part 2 of the series. In this session 4 business scenarios will be addressed: Manufacturing, Distribution, Expiry Date controlled materials, Intercompany/Multi-Site. Recommendations and implications of differing setup options will be covered in greater detail. Register here:   Managing an Enterprise Project with the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology Room: A10 Date: Oct 14th Time: 1:00 pm The toolset available for Project Governance through Sure Step provides more than just the simple Project Plan and Status report for a standard project implementation. In this session, learn how the Sure Step Methodology can really help make the management of your project easier and you feel like a rock star. Register here:   Managing Your Partner – Approaches For a True Partnership Room: A3 Date: Oct 15th Time: 8:00 am Every successful Dynamics AX installation requires a strong relationship with the organization’s Partner. We invite you to share your experiences and learn from the community on how to manage your Partner, and pick up successful approaches others have used to truly have a ‘partnership’ with their Dynamics AX Partner. Register here:</p