Microsoft’s move into a cloud first, mobile first company continues on with reporting and analytics.  As a Microsoft Partner with a strong focus on Analytics and Business Intelligence, we don’t just implement Power BI for our customers, we also use it internally.  Apparently taking our lead, President Satya Nadella proudly uses tools like Power BI to run the show at Microsoft. Being such a cornerstone product for business applications, it’s no surprise to see Microsoft positioned as Leader in Gartner’s illustrious “Magic Quadrant” for the ninth consecutive year.     In a market that is rapidly evolving and new innovation being introduced constantly, leaders in the BI market must demonstrate that they are focused not only on current execution but have a robust roadmap that will solidify its position as a future market leader, protecting the investment of today’s buyers.  For this reason, among many others, Gartner ranked Microsoft so highly among the competition. But don’t just take our word for it.  Learn more about Gartner’s assessment of Microsoft Power BI and how the company’s offerings stack up against the rest.  Send us an email if you want the whole report emailed to you.