One Version Ch-Ch-Changes

Microsoft’s One Version Policy has evolved quite a bit over the last year, and it’s changed once again – this time, for the better. Microsoft is (smartly) pivoting to requiring twice a year updates by now permitting up to three service update skips and releasing just 8 updates per year (skipping March, June, September and December). Also, service pack updates are back, but only for the current version and one older; if you’re on your second or third skip, you’ll have to update to get a fix. You can read Microsoft’s blog post on the topic here. Microsoft has also published a target release schedule to help get a better handling on resourcing requirements for each update (woohoo!). That schedule is here.    If you have any questions about these changes or the continual update cycle and how it affects your Dynamics 365 deployment feel free to reach out to one of our solution architects today.