What’s “Next” for Dynamics GP?

By Shawn Dorward Posted September 24, 2019 In Blog 0 Last year, early October 2018, Microsoft released Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2. It was filled with new features and functionality. A fall release cadence has been something we have grown to rely on over the past few years, and this year stands to be no different. Microsoft has announced that the new version of Dynamics GP (codenamed GP Next) will be released sometime around October 2019. If I had to guess, this release will happen prior to the #UserGroupSummit that takes place in mid-October. Are you going to Summit? Let us know if you are there and come visit us at our booth #936! In addition to over 40 new features, this release also has some interesting changes to the products lifecycle and support – don’t worry, GP isn’t dead, in fact, it’s being modernized!

Dynamics GP – What version is it?

Unlike with previous releases, there is no version identifier that goes along with the product. For example, this new version is NOT Dynamics GP 2018R3, or Dynamics GP 2020… it’s just, well… Microsoft Dynamics GP. This actually is a welcomed change for me… it puts Dynamics GP in line with the other Dynamics 365 products – sure, there are still build numbers for development purposes, but the product is simply Dynamics GP… and I like the simplification and synchronizing with the other products.

What about licensing?

While licensing hasn’t changed, the product lifecycle has. Microsoft has aligned Dynamics GP with the other Dynamics 365 products here as well! You can find more information about the lifecycle changes here. Dynamics GP New Features & Functionality Microsoft will soon begin their Feature of the Day blog series covering all of the new features. I have highlighted some of my favorites below! Payables Transaction Entry Description Have you ever wished you had more space for the description of the AP Transaction? Now you can! A second LONG DESCRIPTION field has been added and can hold plenty of data for those longer descriptions!

Who Posted that Journal Entry?

  With the new release, the user ID of the individual who posted the JE shows in the JE Inquiry window (yup, now you know who to chat with about their accounting creativity). Security Workflow This is a big win for the new release! Workflow for new users, security role changes & security task changes! Talk about internal controls! I LOVE THIS! Other Workflow Changes In addition to security workflow, you can now import/export workflows and change the approver for active workflows! Paste from Excel (Web client) You probably already know that you can paste journal entries into Dynamics GP from Microsoft Excel… but up until this release, that was only possible on the on-premises version… now it’s available for the web client as well!

What’s “Next” for You?

  With so many features being added this year, and in the years past, it’s time to upgrade and maximize the value of your investment with Dynamics GP! We offer complete upgrade services and training on all those new features you and your team can leverage to save time and energy! Let us know when you are ready to start the planning process, we are here to help!

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