It’s that time of year again for updates to the Dynamics solutions. This month is especially special since both Dynamics GP and Business Central are BOTH being updated. Dynamics GP is being updated, but not only that, it is now being added to the new world of the Modern Lifecycle schedule. This not only excites me because of the new version, but this now means that clients will be able to access continuous upgrades of Dynamics GP at least 2x per year as long as they stay current on enhancement and work with a partner. If you have any questions about how this will relate to you then please reach out to me. The current Fall 2019 Release (now being called 2019 Release Wave 2) plan is over 500 pages. The Business Central section again is incredibly long (over 50 pages) and has many amazing enhancements to the solution.

Three of my favorite Dynamics GP Features

    1. Show Check Number in Apply Sales Doc Window
      • You will no longer have to drill back to find the check or credit card number for a payment when applying it to invoices. The Apply Sales Documents window now displays the Check/Card Number for the selected payment.

Show check number in apply sales doc window

    1. Display user who posted on Journal Entry Inquiry
      • The Journal Entry Inquiry and Transaction Entry Zoom will both now display the user who posted the transaction in the General Ledger. In previous versions SQL, SmartList, or a custom report would have been required to display this information.


    1. Document Attach available in Bank Reconciliation
      • Document Attachments are now available to use in the Bank Deposit Entry window, and Bank Transaction Entry window. To use this feature, you must first enable Document Attachments in your Microsoft Dynamics GP company.

Document Attach available in Bank Reconciliation Just a reminder: Mainstream Support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 will end on 4/14/2020 which means at that point in time, you will no longer receive tax and year end updates. Let us know if you want to schedule time to discuss an upgrade. Visit this page for more information.

Three of my favorite D365 Business Central Features

    1. Longer Timeout Period
      • This means you will no longer need to sign into Business Central again when you come back from lunch or a meeting. The value of the time out has increased from 20 minutes to two hours now.
    2. Multiple Production Environments
      • Multinational companies must be able to manage their finances based on the legal requirements in the countries or regions in which they operate. With this update, you can create a Business Central production environment for business divisions, subsidiaries, and so on, that operate in different countries or regions across the world. For each tenant, administrators can create multiple production environments. This will include the option for environments to be on different country-specific or region-specific versions of Business Central.
    3. Full Keyboard Shortcut Support
      • Proficient users are more productive when they can access commonly used features with their keyboard without having to explore the action bar to find each one. Developers now also get the possibility to respond to end-user feedback by adding keyboard shortcuts to their solutions.
      • A full list of updated keyboard shortcuts is always published on Keyboard Shortcuts. For instance, one newly added keyboard shortcut is F9 for posting a document.

    1. BONUS 4th ITEM: Identify the Company by a Badge
      • Whether you just switch between two companies from time to time or if you are an accountant working with dozens of them, the colorful company badge helps you figure out where you are. Users can now use the Company Badge functionality to identify one company they work with from another. This is helpful when users have multiple tabs or pop-out windows open or when they are working with multiple companies on a daily basis.

Our excitement about these new versions is high and especially after spending time at the recent UG Summit, the feedback from others about these has been incredibly positive too. We are here for to answer questions about this Fall 2019 Release for both Dynamics GP and Dynamics Business Central. Please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.