Did someone say cookies? My favorite ones are my wife’s chocolate chip cookies. Oh wait, I think I am digressing to a different type of cookie. The cookies we are concerned about are these. The upcoming releases of some browsers expected early calendar year 2020 include a change in how cookies are handled. This change affects federated authentication flows and cross-domain hosting scenarios when using these browsers, which means it can potentially affect users’ ability to connect to Business Central or Dynamics NAV in one or more of the following situations:

  • When using the Dynamics NAV or Business Central Outlook Add-In.
  • Dynamics NAV or Business Central as a SharePoint app.
  • Dynamics NAV or Business Central is using Azure Active Directory authentication.
  • Dynamics NAV or Business Central is embedded in an iframe as part of another web site.

The two browsers impacted by the changes are Google Chrome (major version 80, currently scheduled for release on February 4th, 2020) and Microsoft Edge (as an update at the same time or later than Google Chrome version 80).

What Now?

If you want to prevent disruption you must upgrade the platform for your version of NAV or Business Central. You can find the list of minimum upgrade requirements here. Please let us know if you need help before you take action.