What is the Solution Architect Bootcamp?

Apparently, I missed the memo on these Solution Architect Bootcamps put on by the Fast Track Solution Architects at Microsoft.  Since rolling out the most recent version of their program to help customers “implement high quality solution faster”, “go live with confidence” and “stay connected to the product”, Microsoft has been training Partners on how to best interact with the team to ensure everyone is on the same page.  In the last two years or so, about 20 of these bootcamps have been held. They take place across the globe.  Since the Fast Track team is world-wide, individual Fast Track team members from the various regions host Partner Solution Architects (or Technical Solutions Architects, or Solution Design Leads, or whatever) on-site at Microsoft.  If you’re interested in attending one, take a look at this handy link provided by Volker Deuss – aka.ms/D365FTAbootcamp.

Who should attend?

The intended audience is Solution Architects.  Given the different titles at various companies, this statement doesn’t necessarily map exactly to what your role is.  Suffice it to say, though, if you’re responsible for setting up and managing an implementation, using LCS, and thinking about overreaching aspects of an implementation, then this bootcamp is for you.  If you’re purely a technical person, you might not get a ton out of it (other than the couple of sessions on performance and integration best practices).  It really is less about the features and the product and more about ensuring customer’s have a good experience when going live with Dynamics 365.

Was the Solution Architect Bootcamp worth it?

You know what, maybe.  Having led a number of FastTrack implementations, most of this information was a re-iteration of what I already knew.  Having access to the FastTrack architects, though, and being able to ask them questions was incredibly valuable.  They also brought in some product management-level people to chat about the product’s direction and showcased some new features.  I think it was good but would have been better for someone that hasn’t yet experienced a FastTrack implementation. We won’t be sending anyone else from our team to the D365 for Finance and Operations FastTrack Solution Architect Bootcamp.  I think, though, there is a place for it in the ecosystem.  I love the way Microsoft is trying to up the skill sets of the people implementing their products.  It improves the implementation experience that customers have! If you’d like to learn more about how we at sa.global can apply these techniques to your implements of Dynamics 365, look here for more information.