This blog is the first part of a multi-part blog series by our very own Nathan Clouse detailing some preparatory tasks that you can perform ahead of doing a database upgrade to reduce upgrade time.  This information is particularly useful when preparing to upgrade from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, as database size increases time needed to move files between environments and perform the upgrade steps.  Look for additional releases in this series in the coming weeks!

Location load cleanup

Depending on the amount of inventory churn in your warehouses, it may be a good idea to clean up your Location Load every once and a while. The location load table contains info about the load on a given location in the warehouse. This functionality predominantly related to the use of Warehouse Management 1 or WHS. If you are using WMS 2, you may not need to clean this table up. You can inspect this in SQL to see what the data are shaped like and make a determination from that.

Where is this in AX 2012

In Inventory Management > Periodic > Clean up, look for Summation of Load adjustments. This will sum all Location Load (WMSLocationLoad) records up to a certain point in time. First it will loop through all records that meet the filter criteria. Next, it will mark those for deletion and tally up all values for that location (WMSLocation). If the result for that WMSLocation is anything other than zero for all values like counts, volumes and weights, then a summary entry will be created. The default date and time for the summation is the moment that the clean up runs.

Summation of load adjustment form

Summation of load adjustments dialog box

Where is this in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain

This works just like the AX 2012 version and can be found in the same place.

Calculation of location load dialog

Calculation of location load dialog


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