This blog is the next part of a multi-part blog series by our very own Nathan Clouse detailing some preparatory tasks that you can perform ahead of doing a database upgrade to reduce upgrade time.  This information is particularly useful when preparing to upgrade from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, as database size increases time needed to move files between environments and perform the upgrade steps.  Look for additional releases in this series in the coming weeks!

Inventory settlements clean up

Over time, Inventory Settlement (InventSettlement) records will accumulate which don’t add value. These are records of inventory transaction settlements in a detailed form, typically at least one record per inventory transaction. However, as time goes on, we no longer require that kind of data resolution especially as the resulting inventory and financial transactions will remain forever in detail. So, if we need to dig into the details of a PO receipt from 3 years ago, we still can but we may not need the settlement info for that particular receipt. There is functionality to periodically accumulate the details and get rid of the detail records.

Where is this in AX 2012?

In Inventory Management > Periodic > Clean up, look for Inventory settlements clean up. This will let select 2 dates: group settlements posted before and delete canceled settlements posted before. The delete canceled before date will be used only for deleting inventory settlements where the cancelled flag is set to yes and the settlement model isn’t physical value. If you only want to clean up deleted settlements, set the group settlements date to before the legal entity started transacting, like 1950-01-01. This will delete inventory settlements records where cancelled is set to yes, the settlement model is not physical value and the transaction date is less than the date selected. Next, it will sum up inventory settlements by quantity settled, cost amount settled, cost amount adjusted and catch weight settled, store those in something similar to a staging table then it will delete all inventory settlements where the transaction date is less than the date entered and the settlement type isn’t accumulated. Next, it will take the summarized values and add them to the inventory settlements table as accumulated settlement type records. The accumulated settlement type is only used when this functionality is used.

Inventory settlements clean-up dialog in Dynamics AX 2012

Inventory settlements clean-up dialog in Dynamics AX 2012

Where is this in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain

This can be found in the same place as AX 2012 and is functionally the same.

Inventory settlements clean-up dialog in Dynamics 365

Inventory settlements clean-up dialog in Dynamics 365

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