This blog is the next part of a multi-part blog series by our very own Nathan Clouse detailing some preparatory tasks that you can perform ahead of doing a database upgrade to reduce upgrade time.  This information is particularly useful when preparing to upgrade from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, as database size increases time needed to move files between environments and perform the upgrade steps.  Look for additional releases in this series in the coming weeks!

On-hand entries

On hand entries in AX / Dynamics 365 For Finance and Supply Chain accumulate over time. Typically they dynamically get adjusted as transactions occur to reflect current levels. However, as the inventory levels for some items go to and stay at zero, a record will remain with all zero values. we don’t need a record to let us know we don’t have on hand of a particular item. Furthermore, some products may have reached the end of their life cycle and are no longer available for purchase from any vendor and have been stopped. Just like the other clean up routines, there is functionality to clean up records that are no longer relevant. There is functionality to identify and clean up on hand entries where the quantities and value for a specific item and inventory dimension are all zero and open.

Where is this in AX 2012

In Inventory Management > Periodic > Clean up, look for Inventory Dimension Clean up. This will let you specify some inventory dimensions and product(s) that you want to clean up the inventory summation (InventSum) records for. You should run this in batch. It will loop through all Inventory Dimension and inventory summation records. First, it verifies if the given Inventory summation record can be deleted by confirmed it has zero quantities and values for the on hand record and also confirms it has no open transactions ( Inventory Transactions where the status issue is not sold and the status receipt is not purchased ). If that validation is passed, it will check if a closed inventory summation exists and, if not, create one. Lastly, it will delete the inventory summation record for the specific set of inventory dimensions being checked like site, warehouse, config, style, color, and size.

On-hand entries cleanup in AX 2012

On-hand entries cleanup in AX 2012

Where is this in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain

This can be found in the same place and is functionally the same.

On-hand entries cleanup in Dynamics 365

On-hand entries cleanup in Dynamics 365

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