This blog is the next part of a multi-part blog series by our very own Nathan Clouse detailing some preparatory tasks that you can perform ahead of doing a database upgrade to reduce upgrade time.  This information is particularly useful when preparing to upgrade from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, as database size increases time needed to move files between environments and perform the upgrade steps.  Look for additional releases in this series in the coming weeks!

Warehouse management on-hand entries cleanup

Similar to On-hand clean up, if your organization is utilizing warehousing functionality with inventory reservations, there is functionality to clean up your inventory reservations and on-hand related entries. If you are not using WHS functionality, this functionality will not make any changes.

Where is this in AX 2012

In Inventory Management > Periodic > Clean up, look for Warehouse management on-hand entries cleanup. This is similar to (link to on hand entry cleanup) but will clean on-hand entries for item in the reservation hierarchy. You can filter based on item, product and site as standard plus whatever else you can get into the query. You also have the option to add X number of days since update for delete. This allows you to specify that if something has not updated in something like 90 days, it OK to cleanup. This can help clean up items that are either cyclical, seasonal or exist for a short time never to be seen again. This will iterate through all records in inventory reservations (whsInventReserve), check that all values are zero and if so, delete that record. This is also aware of the reservation hierarchy so depending on how a specific item is setup, it will delete and/or rebuild values for the items given reservation hierarchy. Also, you may run into some performance issues so plan ahead – do this off hours or on a weekend.

Warehouse management on-hand entries cleanup in AX 2012

Warehouse management on-hand entries cleanup in AX 2012

Where is this in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain

This can be found in the same place as in AX 2012 and is functionally the same. This does, however, have a few performance enhancements and tweak in code that the AX 2012 version, as of CU12, does not have.

Warehouse management on-hand entries cleanup in Dynamics 365

Warehouse management on-hand entries cleanup in Dynamics 365

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