This blog is the next part of a multi-part blog series by our very own Nathan Clouse detailing some preparatory tasks that you can perform ahead of doing a database upgrade to reduce upgrade time.  This information is particularly useful when preparing to upgrade from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, as database size increases time needed to move files between environments and perform the upgrade steps.  Look for additional releases in this series in the coming weeks!

Dimension inconsistency cleanup

If you are using inventory site dimension link, it is a good idea to periodically use the dimension inconsistency cleanup. This will review all transactions and make sure the inventory to financial dimension link values are in sync. Typically this sync happens on activation of the site dimension link functionality. However, there are some cases where that may not catch everything or where something posted and a bug resulting in physical and financial dimension being out of sync. This is even more so true for databases that have been upgraded from AX 2009 to 2012 then to Dynamics 365 for Fiance and Supply Chain. This functionality will inspect all transactions and adjust financial dimensions accordingly. Behind the scenes this will ensure that the inventory dimension identifier for a given transaction source table, like sales order lines, matches the inventory dimension identifier on the inventory transaction(s) for that record.

Where is this in AX 2012

In Inventory Management > Periodic > Clean up, look for Dimension Inconsistency Clean up. This will run the process described above for the following tables: Confirmation lines (CustConfirmTrans) Backorder invoice lines (CustInvoiceBackorderLine) Customer invoice lines (CustInvoiceTrans) Backorder packing slip lines (CustPackingSlipBackorderLine) Customer – packing slip lines (CustPackingSlipTrans) Quotation confirmation lines (CustQuotationConfirmTrans) Quotation lines (CustQuotationTrans) Inventory journal lines (InventJournalTrans) Quality orders (InventQualityOrderTable) Quarantine order (InventQuarantineOrder) Dimension history for documents (InventReportDimHistory) Transfer order line history (InventTransferJourLine) Transfer order lines (InventTransferLine) Transfer order line – update table (InventTransferParmLine) Production BOM (ProdBOM) Project BOM journal transactions (ProdBOMTransProj) BOM journal transactions (ProdJournalBOM) Production journal transactions (ProdJournalProd) Routing journal transactions (ProdJournalRoute) Production report as finished (ProdParmReportFinished) Production orders (ProdTable) Project – invoice lines, items (ProjInvoiceItem) Items (ProjItemTrans) Purchase order lines (PurchLine) Purchase order line – delivery address – update table (PurchParmLine) Request for quotation case lines (PurchRFQCaseLine) Request for quotation lines (PurchRFQLine) Request for quotation – update line table (PurchRFQParmLine) Order lines (SalesLine) Voided sales order lines (SalesLineDelete) Sales order line – update table (SalesParmLine) Quotation lines (SalesQuotationLine) Quotation line – update table (SalesQuotationParmLine) Vendor invoice lines (VendInvoiceInfoLine) Posted vendor invoice lines (VendInvoiceTrans) Vendor – product receipt lines (VendPackingSlipTrans) Receipts list lines (VendReceiptsListTrans) Vendor – request for quotation lines (VendRFQTrans) Location journal lines (WMSJournalTrans) Inventory order transaction (WMSOrderTrans)

Where is this in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain

This can be found in the same place as AX 2012 and is functionally identical. However, in the code this is marked as future obsolete so it will be removed in a future release. As of 10.0.8, this is still available. However, unless you have upgraded from AX 2012, this functionality will not work as expected. It expects that 2 hidden parameter fields have data in them and standard functionality in D365 no longer fills these fields in.

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