Remote master planning training – Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Master Planning in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can help you optimize production, material planning and scheduling. Finite material and capacity scheduling can be performed at the same time so that available capacity, inventory levels and purchase and transportation lead times are taken into consideration in your production planning. This helps you plan purchase, production and transfer orders more reliably, which can help you optimize your production flow and provide on-time delivery to your customers. This class is perfect for users in the manufacturing or distribution industries. This class is a comprehensive review of the theory, practice, implementation, and common errors regarding Master Planning and Production Scheduling. We’ll review in detail: •Master Planning theory •Setup best practices and typical mistakes made •Integration of transfer orders in the planning processing •The importance of BOM and inventory accuracy •Use of effective lead times •As time permits, production execution best practices, and production scheduling and capacity planning Any questions regarding these areas will be encouraged. Users of AX 2009 and AX 2012 will find 90 – 95% of this content hugely valuable as well. Learning Objectives: Understand the options, effects, issues, and solutions regarding setup of Master Planning and Production Scheduling in AX. Audience: Manufacturing, Planning, Distribution Level: Beginner Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Dynamics AX. Training Materials: Will be supplied by the instructor as appropriate To register, reach out at [email protected]