Tell the team

As we have grown a bit recently, I was looking for a way to share news about new customers or projects starting up at DC. Though a good part of our team is already in Dynamics 365 throughout their day, I was looking for a way to “broadcast” the good news around the team. So I set out to find a way using Power Automate…

Yammer or Teams

The fact that we have a company yammer with some modest activity made me think to do something there. That said, our company lives inside Teams now. I know that Yammer is changing a bit and that there is a Yammer plugin for Team but not sure how that’s intended to be used. To be honest I see a lot of overlap between having an all team channel in Teams and using Yammer which hopefully Microsoft can make more sense for us but until then I decided I should include a solution that works for both.

Flow, ehhh, I mean, Power Automate

Ok I know I have Opportunities in Dynamics that I want to share with the team, and I want to share via Teams and Yammer, but now how to connect the plumbing. If you’re wondering the same thing, take a look at Power Automate (formally known as Microsoft Flow). It provides hundreds of connections and does the hard work for you to connect various business apps with an easy to use logic flow. So easy even I could do it!


I have created a simple flow that connects Dynamics 365 Sales Opportunities to our Yammer and Teams communication channels so that everyone in the team can join in the good news. For added fun I send the account name out to Azure Cognitive Search to bring back some Bing results about the organization that just signed up with DC. Contact us to learn more about how this Flow was built or how to add Flow and Teams to your organization.

Power Automate Flow Diagram

Power Automate Flow Diagram

See it in Action!