1. Download & Install latest version of SharePoint Migration tool


2. Sign in with your Microsoft 365 Global Admin account


3. At the welcome screen, select Start your first migration


4. For this walkthrough we are going to assume the user’s home drives are a local file share


5. Enter in source directory of specific user’s home drive to migrate


6. Select OneDrive


7. Enter the destination user’s username/primary email address

a. The “Select the location you want to migrate to” displays after the username you’ve entered has been verified

b. Click Next


8. This screen allows you to review the source & destination

a. If you have more than one user to migrate, select +Add another source


9. Repeat steps 4-8 for each additional home drive

a. Name your migration appropriately -> Click Next


10. We generally recommend to turn off “Automatic user mapping” to reduce the amount of special permissions carried over into OneDrive

a. Click Migrate

11. You will be presented with an unreliable migration status bar; but it’s better than nothing.