Back in March 2020, COVID-19 hit several states hard and rushed many businesses into figuring out how remote workers fit into their overall company strategy. It was commonplace at that point in time to see posts online from IT teams asking what solutions everyone else was using or how to pull a rabbit out of a hat to meet the Executive Team’s desires. While working remotely has solved a few different problems, it also has introduced challenges not just for the IT team, but for the general user group as well. If the corporate infrastructure still relies on physical equipment in the main office, then users will need to somehow connect to that equipment to either access files or use their business phone (if they even brought it home). Microsoft 365 has made it simple to help keep your team connected and productive, while still keeping your information secure.

Microsoft’s 1-2 Punch: Microsoft 365 Business Premium + Business Voice.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium & Business Voice helps to reduce this burden across all users regardless of their role in the corporation. The two licenses combine to provide each user one of the best remote working experiences while providing the IT team fewer trouble tickets to solve.


Collaboration is so much more than a trending business buzzword; it is also the process to help organizations and groups accomplish tasks more efficiently. Utilizing Microsoft Teams will allow users of your organization to quickly get questions answered, host a video call with their team, and even concurrently work on the same document.


Whether you are working from home, in the office, or even on the beach; The Microsoft 365 Business platform allows for a wherever-work office. This strongly decreases your business’ need for a physical office and limiting your talent pool to only those in your geographical area. Here at, we can operate from a couple of small shared-workspace and the rest of our employees are able to work from their home, Illinois, Washington, California, etc.


Microsoft has been building out its Microsoft 365 Business platform, not only to help decrease businesses’ need for a physical building & infrastructure but also to help decrease businesses ‘ need to have additional software platforms brought into their business process. With Microsoft 365, your calendars, email, and contacts are synced across devices; Bookings allows for easier external meeting planning, Teams for instant communications & meetings, among many other services. This consolidation allows employees to have all the information they need, right at their fingertips, boosting productivity, and simplifying business processes.


Microsoft Teams goes beyond just collaboration and lets you bring your business phone with you wherever your mobile device or computer has internet access. By porting your phone’s numbers into Microsoft’s phone system, users can use Teams (mobile or computer app) as their VoIP phone. The expanded features also include auto-attendants for routing your calls and call queues if you have multiple people performing the same support role.


Sadly, there is little talk about the additional security features included in Microsoft 365 Business Premium. These features include an upgraded spam filter that will help protect against spoofing & spear phishing and if the computers are joined to AzureAD they will also get the additional protection against malicious attackers with Microsoft’s AI-based MTP (Microsoft Threat Protection). In addition, there are plenty of proactive and reactive approaches that you can take to ensure that your team stays connected and safe while working remotely.   Interested in getting started with Microsoft 365, or have any further questions? Feel free to contact us for more information!