Having inconsistently formatted phone numbers in D365 is a huge bummer and remembering how to format a phone number for your new contact in Uzbekistan is even worse!  (It is +998 66 905 23 45 by the way.) There have always been clever ways to come up with methods for enforcing phone number formats but building and maintaining JavaScript on each form has always been a haphazard approach at best.  That is where the power of PCF controls comes.  With a PCF control, you can add phone number formatting to any OOB or custom phone number field without any additional JavaScript. This control uses the Google Phone Library, an open-source project used in Android, to format phone numbers based on the selected country code. Phone Number Format An invalid formatted phone number will display an example format below the textbox and the “Click to Call” link is disabled. Phone Number Format Correct A phone number that meets the criteria will be properly formatted and the Click to Call icon is enabled.  No need to enter the country code.  The validation process will add that for you. Want to take this control for a spin, it is available free of use on our GitHub site!  Feel free to check it out. Have a custom UI requirement and need assistance with custom control, please reach out to sa.global here!   Mike Valentine Want to discuss more? Find me on LinkedIn & Twitter.