Recently, I changed employers after many years with the same company and found that getting settled takes a bit of work.  Besides the standard company benefits elections and other onboarding, I needed to move my MCP ID (Microsoft Certified Professional) from my previous company to the new one.  This is important so your Microsoft certifications and learnings can be associated with your new company. MCP ID

Moving your MCP ID

To do this, the first step is to remember the email address that you used to first register with Microsoft.  For me, this took a few steps:

    1. It has been 15 years since I had to reset my MCP (much longer than some of you techs that change employers every other year ;)), so the required email address wasn’t top of mind.
    2. I had to remember what email I used to register my MCP in the first place.  One hint is that you have to use a personal email address (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc).  You can go to and follow the links MCP or go directly to Your Learning dashboard (
    3. Once I found my correct email address which took a bit of trial and error, I had to reset the password.  The hard part now over (I can now login to the Microsoft Learning site), the next steps get pretty easy.
    4. With your new Corporate email address (NOT your MCP personal email address), login to and select “Dashboard” from the top right side of the page
    5. When you get to Partner Center, select the “Gear” icon and choose “Account Settings”
    6. When Account Settings load, select “My Profile” from the Navigation options on the Left
    7. The sections at the top should automatically fill in with your new Company email address
    8. Enter the personal MCP Email address in the “Your Learning” and “Microsoft Exams and Certifications” area as shown below.

  The above is what I did to move my MCP.  From here, you just need to wait a few days for Microsoft to synchronize the MCP (Learning) site with Partner Center and you should be all set. For more helpful tips on common issues with your MCP ID, check out our previous blog on Microsoft Account Issues (LiveID, PartnerSource, CustomerSource). If you have any questions or need help with your MCP ID, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter!