For Ryan Redmond, joining the family didn’t just feel like starting a new job. “It felt like home,” he said. Redmond joined DC in mid-November as its Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Practice Manager. For DC President Jonathan Stypula, the pairing makes perfect sense. “When I first met Ryan, I immediately knew that our ethics and mindset were aligned for what we’re all trying to do here at DC,” Stypula said. “I’m excited to see our company growing, but even more so, I’m very pleased to know we can continue to grow while delivering amazing results and exceptional experiences to our customers. Ryan is customer-obsessed, and I don’t think we could’ve found a better fit for our CE practice and DC at large.” Learn about’s CRM Implementation Process. “Through a colleague, I happened to run into Jon, and we just started talking,” Redmond recalled. “His personality, what he was talking about, Dynamic’s company culture – it just seemed to click. It was like, ‘Wow, you think that way? So do I.’”

A six-year U.S. Navy veteran, Redmond ran nuclear power systems aboard the USS Enterprise. He later graduated cum laude from the University of Utah with a degree in mechanical engineering. As an entrepreneur, Redmond founded and operated Customer Dynamics to deliver Microsoft customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. He has also served as the director of CRM development for Lilly Software and the vice president of technical services for Alpine Systems. “From my Navy experience, through college and my career, I’ve always tended toward complex, interconnected processes and systems,” Redmond said. “That’s where I gravitate. Now I’ve honed it a bit, and I’m focusing more on the customer side of that equation. My niche is trying to help companies understand their customers and understand how their systems and processes are either helping their customer engagement or hurting them.”

At, Redmond is building his practice at the same time other managers are strengthening theirs. “Together, we have a collection of powerful business people all building one company,” he said. For Redmond, feels like the place where he’s meant to be. “It feels like everything’s natural,” he said. “I’m just getting in and doing what I’ve always done. It’s syncing up. It’s working. It’s a very comfortable, easy feeling, but at the same time exciting and extremely busy right out of the gate. I’ve been running since Day One, and that’s what I like.” To welcome Ryan to the team, please give him a shout on LinkedIn.

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