Recently, Microsoft started rolling out a new feature that allows users to deploy new teams based upon pre-defined templates. Rolling out means that some Microsoft 365 tenants already have this feature while others do not but should receive it soon. Templates in Teams The templates are only available to use on new team buildouts, so sadly if you already have a team or two that you’d like a template applied to you are out of luck. Clicking on the button in Microsoft Teams to create a new team will present you with the option to build a team from scratch or from an existing group (like normal). But if the Templates feature has been enabled in your tenant, you’ll see additional options below with short descriptions of what they are intended for. Create a team After you select the template, you’ll be given a preview of what channels & apps will be deployed with the team, and then it will allow you to continue to the traditional process of naming your team & adding owners/members. If you are looking to add some new templates that are more relevant to your organization then that is where a Teams Administrator will need to go into the Teams Admin Center to create them. Sadly though, the built-in templates are unable to be deleted at this time. Team templates Going through the process of creating a new template is straightforward and the wizard even allows you to pick an existing team to build your template from. Starting point Regardless of the starting option, you select, the last setup step allows you to customize channels & apps deployed to the team. Thankfully, you are not limited to just the default apps, but you are able to search the entire Teams Apps marketplace for new apps. Channels + Apps We are extremely glad to see this new addition to Microsoft Teams and we are looking forward to seeing how our clients can utilize these templates for their organizations. With so many diverse applications, the possibilities are endless. If you have any questions about Microsoft Teams Templates or would like to discuss this new feature with our team, please contact us or connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter!