If you’re like me you use Microsoft Excel nearly every day.  Often I’m working with money, which I don’t think is uncommon, and very often find myself reformatting my cells with the Accounting Number Format ($) button in the “Number” group on the Home tab of the ribbon section.  Maybe you do too? But every time I do this, Excel tries to help when I didn’t ask for it.  Excel will auto format my number as $$$$.$$ with both dollars and cents.  Yeah, great, but not what I usually want.  Occasionally I’m calculating my candy budget and I do need the extra decimal places but normally I’m more interested in the rounded dollar amount and want a cleaner looking Excel sheet.  So nearly every time I format to Accounting Number style, I also immediately double tap the “Decrease Decimal” button so my format returns to zero digits past the decimal. No biggie, right?  Except, yes biggie!  I hate doing it.  It’s a wasted step and that extra 2 clicks every day for the past decade has added up.  But not anymore.  I have a quick hack if you want to fix this same problem for yourself. http://dynamicconsulting.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Excel-Hack-1.mp4 Turns out the issue isn’t with Excel as much as it is with Windows.  Go to Start –> Settings and search for “change the way currency is displayed.”  In that form, select “Additional settings…” and on the “Currency” tab you’ll find “No. of digits after decimal” setting.  Select 0 and you’re all set! http://dynamicconsulting.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Excel-Hack-2.mp4 What do you think?  Dumb or awesome or something else?  Leave a comment or drop us a note on social media to continue to the conversation about this fix and others.  @DynCon365