DynamicsCon is a free online event with sessions coming up on March 16-18, 2021. DynamicsCon sessions are selected by the community through an online voting process. The conference strives for a fun, relaxed atmosphere where anyone is welcome to attend. Attending live is ideal, as you can chat with presenters during the session and listen to their live Q&A at end of the session. If you cannot attend live, all content is posted for free on YouTube after the conference.

sa.global Participants

sa.global employees are fortunate to have many sessions selected by the community. Below are the DC @ DC sessions in chronological order. All times Eastern. March 16 9:00 AM • KEYNOTE – Defining accessibility in Technology Shawn Dorward and his son, Taylor, give the keynote address on Accessibility. March 16 10:00 AM • What It Takes to be a Dynamics 365 Superhero? I can’t wait for Asim to tell me! I wonder if it’s the superpower of “Googling”? March 16 5:00 PM & March 18 12:00 PM • From Zero to Minimally Competent – A Power BI Story Some guaranteed laughs or your money back! By yours truly. March 17 2:00 PM • Dynamics ERP: Who Gets the Final Rose? F&O vs. BC Marjorie, and special guest star Shawn, apply the same careful consideration to ERP as dating on The Bachelor(ette). March 17 2:00 PM • Where is GP Now and What’s Next? Competing in the time slot with Shawn and Marjorie, John explains how GP sneaks in for the rose while F&O and BC are fighting. March 18 1:00 PM • Dynamics GP Life Hacks – Tips and Tricks to Save You Time! Shawn is back again! His full-time job is presenting. March 18 5:00 PM • Enterprise Integration Using Logic Apps Ramsey caps off DynamicsCon with some tips on how to use Logic Apps for integrations. We look forward to seeing you at this spring’s DynamicsCon!