tends to be an all-inclusive partner with Microsoft, but sometimes a 3rd party Cloud Companion needs to be invited to the Microsoft 365 party. I would like to welcome Exclaimer Cloud Signature & Acronis Cloud Backup to’s portfolio of Microsoft 365 products and services.  

Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Microsoft 365 

A common company branding problem is end-users having inconsistent signatures being sent out on emails. Not just from mobile devices & desktop applications, but also from user to user. Using a centralized signature management solution will help solve both problems mentioned above.  Regardless of the platform being used to send emails or how the end-user decided to sign their emails, using Exclaimer will make a consistent signature & legal disclaimer appended to each email. But that’s not all; is your organization wanting a different signature to be applied to replies vs new messages? Exclaimer has rules that can manage that too. Please reach out to our team to get this deployed to your Microsoft 365 tenant.   Exclaimer

Acronis Cloud – Backup for Microsoft 365 

Microsoft has a very robust system of redundancies and protective measures in place to make sure that their Microsoft 365 platform is as close to 100% available as possible. Please take note of the keyword in that sentence though, “available” – Microsoft does not back up your data, but they make sure you can access it. It is expected that Microsoft 365 tenant administrators find their own solution for backup & protectionTherefore, we’ve partnered with Acronis to bring such protection to our clients. Acronis connects directly into your Microsoft 365 tenant and backs up mailboxes, OneDrive, & SharePoint to a secure cloud location that can be restored from the same user or even a different user’s account if needed.  Acronis In our continued effort to offer a complete cloud package for businesses of any size, we feel that bringing Exclaimer & Acronis into our offerings helps to accomplish this. Please reach out to our Microsoft 365 team if you would like to get a trail of either service deployed into your Microsoft 365 tenant.