Continuing our discussion from Part 1 of our ERP Transformation readiness framework about ownership and business requirements to Project communication – one of the most important pillars for any ERP transformation’s success.

Project communication

I am not here to be an Agile Advocate nor tell you should not explore with Scrum (or Hybrid for discussion’s sake )!

Whichever Project methodology you adopt for your ERP transformation it is absolutely critical to make sure your project communication is at its A-game. This is even more pivotal in bigger transformation programs involving multiple locations, teams or simply having large scope to be covered. No matter what your Project delivery methodology I, first you need to make sure your team and stakeholders clearly know what your project entails, what the adopted methodology means to everyone, how are you going to plan your project phases, tasks, etc.

In my view, Project planning should not be “encapsulated” within PMO boundaries. It is absolutely important for any ERP Transformation’s success to clearly float project-related communication top to bottom (and sometimes even vice versa).

Project communication is key to achieve a good consensus and understanding of the project methodology being used so that all the phases of the project may become a smoother sail.


What data to migrate?

Data migrations are more often a painful phase of any ERP transformation project. A key lesson that I have for this essential activity is “Plan really ahead and early”.

Planning and carefully designing your Data migration phase early can help you answer some points.

  1. What data do we need to migrate? What is the sub-set of data that doesn’t need migration?
  2. What are the Data mappings? How do I manage different schemas of different platforms or systems?
  3. Does this Data “behave” right when migrated to the new system? (Comes back to validation and verification)

If you start early and ideally do (at least) multiple ‘mock’ rounds of Data migration before your real and final Migration phase, believe me, your life will be far less painful in your ERP transformation.

So “Start as early as possible”!!

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