If you have been around Microsoft for more than about 15 minutes, you already know that Software Licensing can be very confusing.  In this article, I will try to simplify and compare the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (“CE”) Sales License Types.  To avoid any confusion, please note that Microsoft Dynamics has rebranded Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) as Customer Engagement (“CE”).

There are currently 4 different Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE for Sales (“CE Sales”) license types which are outlined by the diagram below.  I will explain each of these CE Sales licenses in greater detail below:

dynamics 365 ce

Sales Professional

Sales Professional is the basic sales force automation tool for beginning users or those without a complex sales process.  It includes all the basics such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Activities, and more that you would expect from a modern CRM tool.

  • $65/User/Month
  • Core sales force automation (“SFA”) functionality without complex sales
  • Dynamics 365 Mobile Client
  • Outlook, OneNote, SharePoint Integration
  • 15 Custom Entities
  • … and More

Please see the Dynamics 365 Licensing guide, Jan 2021 page 25 for more details on what is included in Sales Professional.


Sales Enterprise

Sales Enterprise goes beyond basic sales force automation.  This license includes everything that is in Sales Professional. This License is the next step up for users dealing with more complex sales or those requiring more extensibility and customization than found in Sales Professional.

  • $95/User/Month
  • Intended for a more Complex Sales process
  • Includes everything from Sales Professional plus:
    • Embedded Intelligence
    • Forecasting
    • Product Families/Hierarchies
    • Product Relationships
    • Sales Goals
    • Territories
    • Business Units
    • … and more
  • Includes select Sales Insights features including
    • Assistant cards
    • Email engagement
    • Auto Capture
    • Business card scanning
  • Customer Voice

Please see the Dynamics 365 Licensing guide, Jan 2021 page 25 for more details on what is included CE Sales Enterprise.


Relationship Sales

Microsoft Relationship Sales (”MRS”) helps businesses build relationships they need using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.  MRS is not any new software, it is simply LinkedIn Sales Navigator packaged by Microsoft under the Dynamics brand.  The MRS license includes the Sales Enterprise License plus a LinkedIn Sales Navigator License and can be purchased directly from Microsoft on an Enterprise Agreement with a minimum 10 users.

Note, you can get the same combination license for less than 10 users by purchasing the CE Sales Enterprise License and then contacting LinkedIn to purchase the Sales Navigator Teams or Enterprise License.  Both the Sales Navigator Teams and Sales Navigator Enterprise have Dynamics 365 CE Sales integration.  More information on different LinkedIn Sales Navigator functionality and versions can be found at the following link-> Compare Sales Navigator | LinkedIn Sales Solutions


Sales Insights

Sales Insights contains functionality to save time, improve engagement and enhance the decision-making of your sales teams.  Sales Insights includes the following functionality:

  • Predictive lead & opportunity scoring
  • Predictive forecasting
  • Business card scanning
  • Relationship analytics
  • Assistant Studio
  • Pipeline Intelligence
  • Notes analysis
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Connection Insights

For more information on Sales Insights please see the following Link -> Sales Insights

Sales Premium

Sales Premium is just a combination of Sales Enterprise plus Sales Insights at a bundled price of $135.00.  Therefore, if you are using Sales Enterprise and would like the additional functionality in Sales Insights then purchase Sales Premium and you will save $10 per user/month.


All the above information was distilled directly from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing guide.  If you would like to see any details that I’m omitted for simplification purposes, please refer to the full Licensing guide with this link -> Jan 2021 Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide