IT Consulting firms grow their businesses using a variety of philosophies. Some of the go-to-market concepts I’ve encountered include:

  • Ability to quickly scale and “throw bodies” at problems.
  • Rapid training and development of junior resources.
  • Specialization in a specific industry or application.
  • Sell, sell, sell and hope it all works out.

These firms all have viable business models. (I’m being too kind; “hope” is not a strategy.) However, none of these are the way. Philosophy is organized by Practices, with Practices focused on specific Microsoft technologies. Each Practice is led by a Practice Manager, who oversees selling our services, hiring resources, and ensuring quality delivery. We hire only experienced, skilled Resources and have elevated expectations for our combined knowledge and skills.

To highlight our philosophy, we recently rolled out a new website. We now highlight in photos and pages some of the real people who can make your Microsoft project a success.

real people with real experience

Individual Personalities

Even though we share values, you’ll see us expressing individual personalities. Which we celebrate! For me, expressing myself means weird blog titles and sharing a funny image from the website photoshoot.

Enjoy exploring the new website! If you’re interested in us working for you, or you working for us, contact us.