Welcome!  That seems to be a truly fitting word to start my first blog at sa.global.  Why?  I’m glad you asked.  First, it’s my first blog, so I want to welcome everyone reading this.  Next, I’ve been very openly welcomed to the DC team by everyone I’ve met and those I have known before.  The customers we work with have also welcomed me, and I am happy to be partnering with them to help with their software and Dynamics GP needs.  And one more note, as we’ve hit the ground running, we also welcomed many new customers to DC during my short time here.

My first 4 months at DC have flown by.  With 20 years of Dynamics GP experience, I’ve been excited to jump right into existing and new projects right away.  Year-end updates, upgrades, reporting projects, BPR’s and more have been completed, along with speaking at a DynamicsCon event and so much more.  Working with a new team is always exciting, especially when joining an experienced, customer-focused, and fun team.  It was immediately apparent that DC delivers a unique customer and team member experience in the consulting industry, and I’m excited to add to it!

My blog posts may cover several topics going forward.  Many will focus on the GP functional and technical topics that I work with daily, but others may also branch off into other technical and non-technical topics.  Working in consulting exposes me to a number of activities and events, and I’m happy to share those thru these blogs.

What are the hot topics with GP right now?  Upgrades are the biggest discussion for those on GP 2016.  With the end of mainstream support coming in July, we plan and execute upgrades to the latest release of GP (18.3) and plan the ongoing support to stay current on the annual releases.  There is also a lot of buzz about GP’s roadmap and GP to BC.  At DC, we support both products and will continue to going forward as they both have great fits.  The specific needs and fit are important for each individual company we work with.

Summer is coming fast.  Spring sports are starting up, and I’m taking on coaching one of my daughter’s soccer teams.  I’m looking forward to watching my other kids in their sports and music activities.  I’m also looking forward to continued success in working with our existing and new customers to share in this experience at DC!


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