By the time 2020 ended, many people were passionately looking forward to the start of 2021; A new year means a new beginning, and how could things possibly get any worse? Now that we are closing in on the halfway point, we have had several events to celebrate: A successful COVID vaccine, America has their first female, Black, and South-Asian vice presidentand Microsoft introduced a set of new fonts that will soon replace Calibri. 

At the surface, a new default font for Microsoft applications may not seem like major headline material. Still, Calibri was introduced in 2007, and before that, the default was Times, New Roman. These fonts do not change much, and a lot of consideration and effort goes into such an easily overlooked item (I mean, check out this video on US Highway typeface).  

New Font

Font: Bierstadt 

Steve Matteson is no stranger to fonts creations as he has had a hand in creating Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New. His claim to fame doesn’t stop there. He also helped create the typeface used in the Xbox 365 user interface. 


Aaron Bell is a designer & owner of Saja TypeworksThey have made fonts for popular video games like Halo Wars 2 & Sea of Thieves. Aaron  

Font: Seaford 

Frere-Jones Type is an independent type design studio in New York City, creating original typefaces for retail licensing and custom clientsTheir fonts are used in a wide range of publications, from books to the printed edition of the Wall Street Journal.  

Font: Skeena 

The team behind creating the Skeena typeface specializes in making fonts for many languages beyond English and has created sets for companies like Adobe.  

Font: Tenorite 

Eric & Wei teamed up to create a fun typeface that would be good to use in all styles. In reviewing their past works and posts on social media it is no surprise this team had a good time working on this project. 


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