Here is an interesting tip that I’d like to share that barely warrants a full blog post.  However, rather than just tweeting out some screenshots, I thought to create an actual post to share with you all.  Yesterday I stumbled upon a feature that highlights the benefits of Microsoft’s vast reach and integration with platforms like LinkedIn.  Using the standard Outlook mobile app on my iPhone, I can set a contact as a lead in LinkedIn Sales Navigator with a few simple steps.

On an email in Outlook mobile app, click on the contact.

Outlook Mobile App

Click to “Show LinkedIn Profile”


I think it’s interesting enough to have access to the LinkedIn profile in your Outlook!  But if you’re also leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can take it to the next step.  Select to “Save as Lead.”

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Then go about your business with Sales Navigator and work that lead as you would.  In my case, I’ll disqualify this lead because he’s well known in the industry to be cheap and never wants to spend any money.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator


I hope you found this interesting quick tip as useful as I did! Have any questions or comments? Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and feel free to connect on LinkedIn and Twitter!