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I enjoy pondering about disruptive innovations and trends. One of the fascinating aspects of disruptions is how growth happens on an “S” curve. With a disruptive trend, change and growth is not linear, it’s exponential. 


IT Disruptions 

There’s always something being disrupted in the IT space. In the past 5 years we’ve had major disruptions including: 

  • Cloud computing 
  • In office vs remote work 
  • Mobility – devices and high-speed internet 
  • Artificial Intelligence (only beginning) 


Every disruption has associated opportunities and risks. For example, with cloud computing we gained the opportunity for faster deployments and new service offerings like the Power Platform. There are also disruptive risks of not going to the cloud – for example, this year there have been a rash of ransomware attacks against on-premises solutions. 


Non-IT Disruptions 

I see other major global disruptions coming soon from a variety of directions. A few of the major ones could include: 

  • Autonomous transportation 
  • Climate crisis 
  • Advanced medical treatments (mRNA vaccines!) 
  • Reduction in cost of energy (solar, wind, and battery storage) 


Depending on your line of business, these disruptions could be speed bumps or cause business-critical changes. Having a long-term view of your theoretical opportunities and risks will be critical as the speed and scope of disruption increases. 


Shameless Plug 

It’s challenging for me, or, to predict every upcoming disruption. However, one of the benefits of modern tools like the Power Platform is to allow businesses to react faster when disruptions happen. 


Let me know if you’d like more information about how the Power Platform can help you prepare. 


Joel Leichty 

Power Practice Manger 

[email protected] 


News You Should Know 

#MSDyn365FO: Discounted licensing for existing AX customers is now valid for 3 years.

#MSDyn365CE: Be aware! Form footers will no longer be supported in a model-drive app form. Learn more about the 2021 Wave 2 releases here. 

#MSDynGP: The GP lifecycle website has been updated! A summary of the update and more here

#PowerPlatform: Microsoft halves price of Power App plans effective October 1st! Learn more here  

#Microsoft365: Microsoft is bringing back Clippy as an emoji!  

If you have any questions or would like to have a discussion with us about any of the topics above, please reach out to your Practice Manager, or fill out the Contact Us form on our website.  


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