Do you have team members working overseas who need access to sensitive data that needs to stay geo-locked to a particular region? Are you having a tough time procuring IT hardware due to global shortages? Is a member of the team running an operating system other than Windows and needing to run a Windows only application? 

Let us introduce Microsoft’s new cloud operating platform called Windows 365. It is a cloud hosted Windows desktop that can be accessed from any device and has a set monthly cost. The cloud hosted aspect is not new as Microsoft has had Azure Virtual machines for years now, but the set monthly cost and the ease of access/deployment is where the appeal comes from.  

Who is it for? 

Windows 365 is for anyone who needs access to a modern Windows computer at various power/compute levels depending on their business needs. As mentioned in the intro, it has a use case for keeping data in a certain geographic region, extends end-user equipment life cycle, and grants access to Windows only applications for those running OSs like Mac OS X or Linux.  

What does it cost? 

There are two different flavors for Windows 365; Business & Enterprise. Each one offers the same power/compute level options but for slightly different prices backend complexity. Below is just a sample of pricing for comparison 

Windows 365

Where can it be accessed from?

Windows 365 can be accessed from any computer with a browser or mobile platform (using the Remote Desktop app). Work can be started on one computer, and then switched over to another device without the need to shut down the computer.  

When will it be available? 

Although the free trial was suspended due to the high demand, licenses can be purchased and canceled at any time. So yes, there would be a cost to test the waters currently, but only for as long as needed to verify the validity of the service.  

Why do you need Windows 365? 

The need for Windows 365 can be a variety of reasons, but if it can solve a business problem then that is the perfect reason to deploy it.  

How can you deploy Windows 365? 

Please reach out to our Microsoft 365 team to set up a time where we can get Windows 365 deployed for your team!


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