Incorporating business concepts from Harvard Business School, McKinsey and others we identify what digital disruption means for your organization and your customer value proposition. Engaging a diverse set of stakeholders through envisioning techniques opens the conversation to produce creative and meaningful ways to modernize how things are done while solving for the why in quantifying the business value. The result is an actionable plan that aligns around the customer’s digital story.

Microsoft Catalyst is a customer engagement journey to help businesses conceive and realize business transformation by taking customers through a series of curated phases: Inspire, Design, Empower and Achieve. Catalyst facilitates digital transformation employing the full breadth of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft cloud base on the I.D.E.A framework.


Imagine a future state for your business

Design thinking sessions are a proven approach combining creative and critical thinking, fostering ideation and organizing those ideas to drive decision making and situational improvement.


Discover what’s possible by aligning technology investments to business goals

Defining the business impact:

  • Quantified Customer Engagement improvements
  • Representation of Solution Costs
  • Key Measurements
    • Revenue Growth
    • Cost Savings
    • Employee Efficiency Improvements


  • Empower others in your organization to see the value
  • Who is affected and what is the experience?
  • How will you address change and mitigate risk?
  • What is the expected quantifiable business impact?


  • Achieve business outcomes and improved customer experiences
  • This is where Microsoft includes resources to help:
  • Facilitate Change
  • Technical Deployment
  • Measuring Value

Catalyst Activities include:

  • Envisioning Workshop
  • Observation Modeling
  • Business Value Analysis
  • Deployment Planning
  • Adoption & Change Management Assessment
  • AI Strategy Mapping
  • Solution Prototyping



Microsoft Catalyst helps customers prioritize where to start investing and rethink how digital may transform their business.  Have any questions or comments? Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and feel free to connect on LinkedIn and Twitter!