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Regardless of your cultural background, Oktoberfest is a worthwhile month-long celebration. Originating from Munich, Germany in the 19th century, it has since taken over western culture and pre-pandemic there seemed to be an Oktoberfest event around every corner. I always enjoyed going to Oktoberfest events to try new beers, eat pretzels and listen to German polka music. Not that I cannot do that year-round, but those things always seemed to taste & sound better in October. Below I wanted to take a moment to share a few thoughts about the music, food and drinks.  

Oktoberfest Music Playlist 

A nice Spotify music playlist of Oktoberfest themed music (and it’s not all polka music!). I have found that I am able to concentrate better on work tasks if there is background music, especially if it’s mostly instrumental or the lyrics are in a different language. Personally, I lean towards bands like The Glitch Mob or TheFatRat but every now and then the Hamilton Soundtrack makes its way into my list.  

Homemade Pretzels 

Although I am not an expert home cook, I would still recommend everyone give making homemade pretzels a shot. There is very good evidence that shows learning a new skill or stretching your current comfort zone leads to an improved lifestyle.  

Oktoberfest Drinks 

Living in the Chicago area, Leinenkugel’s beer feels like a local favorite, but their Oktoberfest brew is worth trying out (sorry for not including a link as I didn’t want our newsletter to get caught in spam filters). I understand that beer isn’t for everyone, why not give Bones Coffee’s Wunderbones coffee a chance? 

With October ending soon, let’s enjoy what this month has to offer and remember: NO Christmas decorations out before Thanksgiving! 


Michael Luehr, 

Practice Manager, M365 



News You Should Know 

#MSDyn365FO: The tax calculation service for D365FO is now generally available. While it doesn’t maintain tax rates, it allows a much more configurable approach to changing HOW taxes are calculated. 

#MSDyn365CE: Create and send SMS messages to any mobile phone. Learn how here! 

#MSDynGP: Year-end is coming! The GP Year-End Update will include changes to Payables forms and is scheduled to be released mid-November. This release will be for GP 18.4 only so if you are not on GP 2018 or newer an upgrade is required. You can find the details on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog. 

#MSDyn365BC: V19 is rolling out across tenants – be sure to check out the what’s new doc and reach out to us if we can be of any assistance – lots of cool new features! 

#PowerPlatform: Create flows leveraging AI Builder actions directly from Microsoft Teams! Learn more about the feature details here 

#Microsoft365: Windows 11 just came out a few weeks ago, try it out at home first but wait for the first major update before deploying in the workplace. 

If you have any questions or would like to have a discussion with us about any of the topics above, please reach out to your Practice Manager, or fill out the Contact Us form on our website.  


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