Forrester Consulting’s latest TEI report from Microsoft found that implementing HoloLens 2 with mixed reality had an ROI of 177% after just 13 months. Click the LINK to read the full report

Who is Forrester Consulting?

A trusted 3rd party firm that helps business & technology leaders accelerate growth through research, consulting, and events. Businesses like Microsoft, Tableau, and Twilio will use their services to assist them in communicating the value of their products/services.

What is TEI?

Total Economic Impact (TEI) is a proprietary methodology from Forrester in which they develop business value justification analysis to help organizations understand the financial impact of a technology investment. Forrester does not endorse a company or its solution, and clients cannot purchase a favorable opinion or result.

Key findings

Enhanced Task & Training Efficiency

Utilizing mixed reality tools, they found an overall efficiency increase of 60% for training while improving field task efficiency by 40% and reducing rework by 75%

Improved productivity due to reduced travel

Mixed reality reduced the travel of experts by 75% and saved over $1 million in costs for specialized workforces.

Implementing a mixed reality solution with HoloLens profoundly impacts business operating costs and the user group involved. Although it can seem daunting to implement modern technology, the proof is in the pudding and should be treated as simply the next step in the growth of your business.

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