To some,  Power Automate isn’t anything new and if you have a smart device at home, chances are you might have used a similar automation process already (sometimes called routines). Microsoft’s Power Automate allows you to automate a lot of your day-to-day business tasks or improve your overall attention to detail. Below are 5 flows that we’d like to suggest giving a try for 2022 

Get today’s weather forecast for my current location 

weather forecast with power automate
With the simple push of a button, you get a quick notification of your current location’s weather forecast. On the surface this might not seem impressive, but did you know that button can be a 
physical one  

Post message in Teams when a Planner task is completed 

power task in teams

Planner is an amazing platform for lite project management but sometimes there needs to be additional conversations had as tasks are completed. With an automated post to a Teams Channel you can then easily have those follow up conversations.  

Email me with a list of upcoming calendar events 

power automate your email

If you have someone that manages your schedule for you or your days seem back-to-back busy, having a morning email that lays out your week ahead of you can be very useful. This flow not only gives you the basics, but also hotel & flight information if it is already recorded in your calendar.  

Get a push notification when you receive an email from your boss 

push notification

Have you ever missed an important email from your boss? With this flow, get a special notification on your mobile device so you never miss an email from your manager again. 

  • Extra effort: set the “Power Automate” app on your mobile device with a very unique notification noise  

Follow up on a message 


As messaging in Teams becomes more and more common so will task assignment. Never forget to follow up on a message with this flow. It’ll send you a new message with your notes later in the day or week. 


These are just 5 flows we pulled together and there are much more of course! Please reach out if you’d like to explore what Microsoft’s Power Automate can do for you. 

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