5 Reasons We Hear Clients Say, “Bye-Forever,” to GoDaddy

1. More License Options

Of the 393 possible configurations available from Microsoft, GoDaddy 365 restricts corporate customers to just two: Microsoft 365 Exchange Online (Plan 1) and Microsoft 365 Business Standard. Often, corporate clients need more flexible choices. To make things more difficult, when a GoDaddy client requires advanced spam protection or email encryption, GoDaddy uses a different provider (further complicating service offering).

2. Better Technical Support

When advanced technical issues arise, GoDaddy offers the bare minimum. GoDaddy is an internet domain registrar and web hosting company, not a Microsoft 365 consultant. Even so, they contractually require clients to go through them to seek Microsoft 365 product support. For advanced technical support, finding an expert in the software and its configuration is key to success.

3. Scale-up Larger Company Sizes

Trying to manage a large user base through the GoDaddy admin portals is clunky, to say the least. What should only take a few clicks requires far more steps with GoDaddy’s admin portals. For a small business with only 1-5 users to support, this may not be a deal-breaker. But, for larger companies, this unnecessarily complicated time-waster translates into hundreds of hours and expensive inefficiency. It soon becomes apparent that the GoDaddy systems are not meant for growth.

Goodbye GoDaddy

Please reach out to our team via phone or email to remove the GoDaddy 365 constraints and breathe easy on your dedicated Microsoft 365 platform.

4. No Hidden Fees or Jump Rates

GoDaddy promotes tantalizingly affordable introductory costs for their Microsoft 365 offerings. What may not be obvious to first-time buyers are the astricts next to these prices, including the time limit. Customers note the steep jump in price prompts them to look for alternatives. In contrast, sa.global sells Microsoft 365 licensing at the same price as seen on Microsoft’s website, with no additional hidden fees or charges after an introductory period.

5. Direct Login Process

It might seem like a small issue on the surface, but it can (and does) cause issues for clients. As a GoDaddy client, your authentication into your Microsoft 365 cloud is handled by GoDaddy. This means that if GoDaddy has a service issue at any point, your team may not be able to access their email or documents.  Besides vulnerability for downtime, you may not be able to use your Microsoft identity log in to other platforms. When you access an application through GoDaddy’s interface, its token-based authentication may conflict with other Microsoft apps or services.

Solution: Office 365 Migration Tools and Services

If you’re facing these frustrations and need to migrate to a new platform, we’re here to help. The sa.global team has freed many clients from GoDaddy, and we’re ready to send our extraction team to help you. When a team of Microsoft consultants is your first line of support for Microsoft 365 issues, you’ll save time and money.

Choose a team that:

  • Gives you flexible options,
  • Provides reliable and useful support,
  • Scales with your company,
  • Provides straightforward pricing,
  • Links you directly to Microsoft,
  • Ensures the correct licenses are deployed in a timely fashion.

How does Microsoft 365 Migration Work?

sa.global is an accredited supplier of Microsoft 365. Discover a straightforward solution to migrate your business to Microsoft 365. We have the capacity to assist in advanced technical issues and a direct line of communication with Microsoft on your behalf. We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to ensure your migration success.

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