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In 2013, Dynamics Consulting founder, Jonathan Stypula, invited his colleague and Dynamics Specialist, Jacob Roder, to join him in building a new consulting firm.

Since that time, the firm has grown from two to more than fifty. Read on to learn why they did it – and how.

Why We Did It

It’s Pretty Simple. We decided there had to be a better way – and we would create it.

The idea to launch a new company – with a vastly different consulting approach – didn’t come quickly. Jon and Jake spent years honing skills in complex Microsoft implementation projects. Over time, they found themselves facing the challenge of dealing with bloated consulting firms that were inept, lacked accountability, and showed little commitment to their client’s success. They heard the same complaint from other colleagues.

They decided they could – and would – do work better.

Remove Roadblocks

With customer experience as a guide, the two partners built a highly skilled multi-practice firm committed to removing frustrating project roadblocks. became a place for senior implementation managers and consultants to help organizations modernize their businesses and deliver satisfying project results. IPA

We want to be a right-sized firm that is INVESTED, PREPARED, and ACCOUNTABLE emerged with three simple principles. We want to be a right-sized firm that is INVESTED, PREPARED, and ACCOUNTABLE.


Positive relationships drive success. When you find a Partner who values communication, change management, and training, you optimize your team’s potential for success. Our job is to build relationships at every level to equip your team to adapt to a changing environment.


Preparation is everything. When you work with us, you will clearly understand the project’s outcome and expectations before we begin implementation. You will be able to test and experiment with a prototype so you can see how Microsoft Dynamics will work for your business.


With a business built on reputation, your satisfaction determines our success. Together, we will establish clear expectations, project timelines, and budgets to optimize work quality.

In a City Near You

It didn’t take a long time firm to rocket-launch forward from its founding.

Within months, met compounding growth with project requests from clients who appreciated their skills and approach. Within a few years, DC expanded offices across the country. Today, DC’s team of on-shore, US-based, senior-level consultants provides support to hundreds of clients.

Right-Sized for Growth

While DC continues to develop new Practice Focus areas in partnership with Microsoft, our IPA philosophy hasn’t changed. Being right-sized means that DC brings the resources for any major software implementation, software updates, integration, innovation, and growth – all with the guarantee that we won’t transfer you to a junior consultant. Our senior staff is there for you throughout the process.

Gold Standard

Client satisfaction, steady partnerships, and referrals have propelled to become one of the most highly regarded Gold Microsoft Partners in the industry.

Four-Phase Approach delivers a customized four-phase approach to accelerate strategic decisions and galvanize teams. Our partners express appreciation for the clarity of the DC four-phase methodology and our consultants’ insightfulness, who reliably deliver both practical tools and innovative guidance through every step of the process.

Our Offices

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