We needed a lot of help and we got it.

Smooth Migration to Microsoft 365

In 2020, assisted the Center for Primary Care with migration services from Google G-Suite to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365.)

Jack Sunderman, CIO at the Center for Primary Care, shares his experience with the migration process.

Rebuilding Information Technology Infrastructure

We needed a lot of help when I first joined the Center for Primary Care in February 2020. On top of the pandemic situation, we had several IT team members who had departed after being here for many years. So, when I walked in the door, we had a lot of rebuilding to do.

One of our first rebuilding tasks was to optimize Dynamics GP (Great Plains), our accounting software. The consulting firm helping us before (DC) was not getting the job done. We got a referral for DC, talked to them, and quickly recognized the level of expertise they offered. In our conversations, we found DC had several other services they offered that we needed, one being migrating from Google G-suite to Microsoft 365.

Migrating from Google G-Suite to Microsoft 365

In early 2021, we made the transition from G-Suite to Microsoft 365 with DC’s help. It was one of the smoothest migrations I have ever experienced. Our only real challenges came from cleaning up messes that my predecessors left behind. For example, instead of fixing an account, they would create a second account for a user. In one case – four accounts for one user. was right there by our side, helping us through all of it.

Experienced Software Guides

The guys on the GP team from DC have been fantastic. They have worked primarily with our finance department and have not required extra IT support for the migration.

Michael Luehr knocked it out of the park. The knowledge and understanding that he brought to the table assured us he understood what we were doing.

Center for Primary Care wanted to migrate email by location, which would allow support to be on site at the time of the switch.

We tossed this request to Michael by saying, “Hey we’ve got Mimecast as our email gateway. It allows us to direct mail between two applications at the same time”.

He reviewed the documentation and within 10 minutes said: “Oh I understand what you are saying. Yes, we can do that”.

This adaptation reduced a lot of angst during the migration enabling IT to provide hands on support, which was appreciated by the doctors and staff.

Post Migration Assessment

The migration and post-transition have been fantastic. We did have one doctor call who said, “I’m not getting emails,” but even that turned out to be more of a funny story than a problem. He thought he wasn’t getting emails because 80% of what he received before the email gateway installed was spam. Suddenly, the doctor wasn’t seeing an inbox full of garbage, and it startled him thinking his email wasn’t working.

If you’re facing similar circumstances and need to make a change, talk to It will be well worth your time and well worth your money.

Jack Sunderman, CIO, Center for Primary Care

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