Losing Track of Critical Information as your Company Grows?

Streamline your business and strengthen connections with remote teams.

Rapid business growth is encouraging but introduces all kinds of management challenges. For construction and architectural firms, your data management has critical requirements. Losing track of one small piece of information can spell disaster.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Architecture and Construction Firms

Dynamics 365 enables you to ramp operations without losing track of a single piece of information. Using Dynamics 365, you can

Manage Separate Systems

  • Create estimates, quotes, proposals, and drawings.
  • Track correspondence and collaborate with external parties (Dynamics 365 Sales)
  • Store lots of data, drawings in an organized method (SharePoint and Teams)

Track Costs from Start to Finish

  • Tracking leads and opportunities (Dynamics 365 Sales)
  • Schedule and manage projects (Dynamics 365 Project Operations)
  • Capture costs and reporting on profitability (Dynamics 365 Finance)

Strengthen Coordination

  • Lots of external communication and internal communication Conference Calls (Teams)
  • Remote site walkthroughs and planning (Remote assist and HoloLens
  • Track versions of documents (SharePoint).

Five Firms, One Focus

Optimize Your Tools

When you need one Partner who understands your immediate needs and grows with you, is the smart choice. Start by addressing your priority needs with the reassurance that you can expand into new areas with the same trusted Partner as your business grows.

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