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Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to consistently deliver products on time, optimize resource planning, adapt to changing business models, and ensure business continuity while staying profitable.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution Companies

The distribution industry faces intense changes with the COVID-19 crisis. Supply-chain disruption, demand spikes, and workforce adaptations forever increased the technology demands for distributors. As a result, prediction and response time requirements are shorter than ever.

Using Dynamics 365 Supply Chain tools, you can still deliver customer satisfaction at every phase of the delivery process. A properly configured system can tighten your operations and empower your team to provide the service your clients expect.

Gain Agility and Efficiency

Modern systems require robust, integrated tools. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain enables you to integrate financial management with operations. Match your inventory with your general ledger. Effectively manage your warehouse system. Complete your planning strategies and purchase orders all in one system.

Track Sales and Inventory Across the Globe

With a global operation, it’s vital to organize supply and production in real-time to ensure your resources are in the right place. A properly configured system enables you to manage complex intercompany networks across the globe.

Reduce Errors with Multi-Language Capacity

With a global supply chain, accurate translation is key to communication success. Dynamics 365 enables you to print documents in multiple languages and configure forms to 45 native languages.

Leverage Our Expertise

One size does not fit all. Microsoft Dynamics works right out of the box, but every company has different requirements, applications, and integrations. You need a reliable process and experienced guides to tailor Microsoft Dynamics to your business.

When facing the task of deploying a major software implementation, you want approachable consultants who understand the specific needs of distribution companies and have a track record of successful enterprise-level integrations. When you partner with, you only work with experienced consultants. We hire selectively to ensure we can consistently deliver successful integrations for your company.

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