Rapidly Changing Prices Spoil Your Dinner?

Food and Beverage Industry

Without streamlined technology to manage your finance and operations, delivering mass quantities of food and beverage products is virtually impossible. The complexity of market changes, consumer preferences, and government regulations require technology solutions that simplify steps, decrease response time, and increase flexibility.

Rapid cost fluctuation, consumer demand, supply chain management require a cohesive, interconnected system.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Food and Beverage Industry

Connect all your food and beverage business sectors: Finance, Supply Chain, Production, and Human Resources. Make well-informed decisions with real-time insight into your operations. Take control of planning, inventory, logistics, and production using a single, integrated hub.

Maintain Audit History

You need traceability and audit history throughout your systems. Transitioning from Excel to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management enables you to maintain this vital information. Data and audit tracking allow users to see who performed certain transactions.

Manage Your Warehouse

Dynamics 365 includes a robust warehouse management system, so there is no need to integrate an external system. If you have an existing WMS, though, Dynamics 365 has a standard API available for integration with its built-in warehouse management system.

Track Details

Dynamics 365 includes process-manufacturing features like batch production. Quickly produce reports to recall critical production data. Utilize batch attributes to track testing, attributes, expiration, and viability dates to ensure old or expired material never gets to customers.

Protect Intellectual Property

Role-based and user-specific security restricts access to sensitive intellectual property like recipes or formulas within Dynamics 365.

Leverage Our Expertise built a practice on addressing the challenges you face in the food and beverage industry. We understand the critical importance of immediately accessing actionable data. Dynamics 365 provides a solid foundation that requires industry adaptation to function optimally for your business.

When facing the task of deploying a Food and Beverage system implementation, you want approachable consultants who understand your company’s specific needs and have a track record of successful enterprise-level integrations. When you partner with, you only work with experienced consultants. We hire selectively to ensure we can consistently deliver successful integrations for your industry.

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