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Drive innovation. Meet industry demands. Increase productivity. Do it all with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Emerging technologies are rapidly increasing production speeds and shortening response times to supply and demand. It’s imperative to stay connected from the factory floor to the call center. Embracing cutting-edge technology keeps you a step ahead of the rest.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers an agile way to meet supply and demand. It is flexible, configurable, and completely integrated.

Become a Smart Factory

Dynamics 365 enables you to enhance customer relationships, connect assets, improve productivity, and make rapid, informed decisions. Streamline operations in one place.

Optimize your Supply Chain

Your ability to deliver quality products depends on the successful coordination of a complex network of vendors. Tracking inventory and costs on manufactured parts is possible at a small and large scale.

Maintain your Equipment

Carefully monitor your equipment by viewing usage, performance, and life cycle in real-time. Gain access to automated digital solutions such as inventory monitoring, quality control, and equipment maintenance.

Strengthen Your Team

Empower employees and make time-to-market faster. Give your customer service agents the information they need for better customer engagements.

Optimize Production Flow

Optimize production flow with robust planning, resource utilization, and streamlined business tools to drive accurate delivery performance.

Experience Real-Time Insights

Get real-time insights and supply chain information, including production, warehouse, and inventory data. Multi-site capabilities enable effective planning from inventory to delivery.

Align Production with Demand

View real-time work-in-progress (WIP) to avoid potential cost overruns or delays. Specialized role centers enhance process efficiencies. Organize information, tools, and tasks in a personalized view.

Never Lose a Document

Sharing documents across departments and vendors and tracking changes is vital. Store and share documents using SharePoint and maintain a version tracking history. Communicate with internal or external parties as needed.

End Inbox Overflow

Microsoft Teams enables you to organize conversations and threads without emailing documents. Use Teams to essential people in the know and end the dreaded (and often ignored) carbon-copy email chains.

Track Research and Development Costs

Keeping track of R&D costs while developing new products is a valuable asset. Microsoft allows tracking, expensing, and capitalizing expenses incurred for research projects or capital improvements.

Leverage Our Expertise

Implementing Dynamic 365 for Manufacturing is a industry niche. We understand what you need to be successful. We can make sure your implementation meets your needs head-on, from creating processes that support transparency to managing operations and supply chain.

When you partner with, you only work with experienced consultants. We hire selectively to ensure we can consistently deliver successful integrations for your industry.

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