Make the Transition as Painless as Possible

Migrating from Quickbooks to Business Central assisted Edan Diagnostics, a medical laboratory based in California, with their implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Joe Bagg, Senior Manager of Quality, Regulatory Affairs, and Logistics, shares his experience with the implementation.

Migrating from Quickbooks to Business Central

The day we knew we needed to upgrade the old ERP system was when one of our customers strongly requested that we get on board with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), but QuickBooks couldn’t handle it. We began looking for another ERP system that would work better for our needs and found that the Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) would be best for our needs today and the future.

Finding an Experienced Business Central Partner

We looked on Microsoft’s official partner listing for consultants with good reviews and someone who had done other implementations with BC. This software is a relatively new ERP solution, so not many consultants had hands-on experience with BC. We decided to engage

Preparation and Smooth Implementation

We worked with, who examined our daily functions using our ERP system and helped us migrate seamlessly from QuickBooks to Business Central. They outlined all of the information that was needed from us and provided us the templates that would be necessary to transfer the data from QuickBooks to BC. The team gave recommendations on handling functions and processes that we had used in QuickBooks but would need to be modified to be modernized within the Business Central program. During the Go-Live day, they were incredibly responsive to all requests we had. There are learning curves and unforeseen hurdles that occur on Go-Live days with such a significant change within a company, and was there to help us make sure the transition was as smooth as possible.

Streamlining Processes and Growing

Today, things are going very smoothly for us. We have streamlined many processes using BC and feel confident that our ERP will adapt as our business changes. BC enables us to integrate additional apps as we need them. has made finding the right third-party apps much easier with their recommendations.

My day-to-day functions have become easier managed, and I have a lot more visibility over what is happening within the company.

Consider was very helpful in helping us customize BC into the ERP that we needed. They were very attentive to our requests to give us the best development possible. They helped make the transition from one ERP to another ERP as painless as possible and are there to guide us whenever we run into an issue that needs solving.

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