Trying to determine the best place to start?

Take the Guesswork out of Decision-Making

With the vast number of software choices, knowing where to start can be one of the toughest challenges you face. provides a series of tools and services to guide you through the upgrade and optimization process. Whether you prefer a do-it-yourself approach or seek lots of input, we’ll help set a clear direction.

Four Advisory Services Advisory services include an array of options.

Basic Assessment Assessment provides you with two helpful resources. With these two documents, you will understand a detailed project scope, a timeline, and resources required for most projects. Depending on your project’s size, you may want to utilize one or both of these tools.

Solution Blueprint Document

The Solution Blueprint documents a high-level overview of recommended tools and tasks to address your needs. It includes an overview of areas within your project scope, components outside of the range (potential future phases), critical pieces of functionality, and various other project-related items.

Fit-Gap Analysis

The fit-gap document itemizes requirements, prepares you for the design phase, and details the budget and timeline.

Assessment Timing

Assessments can happen at various phases in a project. For people that need a more accurate estimate of price and scope, assessments can be part of a Diagnostic Study. Assessments can also take place after you have decided on the implementation.
When we perform an Assessment after you have decided on an implementation direction, we use the process to

  1. Gather a complete understanding of the project requirements,
  2. Determine where we can utilize the software’s standard functionality, and
  3. Identify gaps that might require additional development.

Diagnostic Study

A Deeper Dive

If you are contemplating a larger implementation project, a Diagnostic Study is invaluable. In addition to the Basic Assessment requirements, the Diagnostic Study evaluates your company’s operations and structure. From there, we set requirements and create a detailed scope of work and explore project phasing.

Our Diagnostic Study serves several purposes. It facilitates internal discussions necessary to identify needs, engages and aligns leadership, solicits team input, and establishes a strategic approach to implementation. For larger projects, completing a Diagnostic demonstrates higher project launch success. It typically results in a more precise timeline and implementation cost.


Microsoft’s ecosystem offers a wide range of software products, and none of them are one-size-fits-all.

Best When Tailored

The Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office) and Dynamics 365 are designed to be tailored and work best when optimized for your specific company. While we can provide much assistance to you with PowerPoint slide decks and Teams calls, other concepts are too complex to contemplate without an example.

Take It For A Test Drive

When you need to see what an optimized system looks like for your company, Dynamics Consulting can build a prototype to assist you. We provide a mock-up of your standard environment or perform some basic customizations to bring tangible examples to your team. Building and seeing a prototype helps clarify even the most complex topics for the decision-makers in your organization.

Product Selection

While we’re hoping Microsoft has made a case for the Dynamics 365 portfolio of products, there are still plenty of decisions to be made. Do I need Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, or will my company get the most bang for our buck by implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central? Will my problem be addressed with an ERP system, or is it something that I can use a more tailored Power App?

At, we have a multi-practice approach that ensures we’ll have the expertise to find the best product for your needs. Our team works together to create an offering using the best of all the Microsoft business applications ecosystem.

Five Practices, One Firm

When you need one Partner who understands your immediate needs and grows with you, is the smart choice. Start by addressing your priority needs with the reassurance that you can expand into new areas with the same trusted Partner as your business grows.

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