How quickly can you scale your business?

Integrate Your Systems and Improve Performance

Disconnected systems and multiple sets of data can increase errors, decrease efficiency, and deplete profit. Whatever the size of your business, finding ways to integrate your systems improves performance.

Build Your Software Infrastructure offers an array of services designed to position you for growth or rightsizing your software system.

Product Licensure

Understanding your licensing and compliance needs is necessary to compare products and calculate and a total cost of ownership during any implementation. Many users find the granular nature of Microsoft’s licensing to be challenging to navigate without assistance from a skilled partner.

Focused Expertise

Within our firm, has five practices that each focus on a Microsoft business application. By structuring our firm in this way, our Practice Consultants have a deep understanding of licensing requirements. You’ll benefit from a knowledgeable guide who understands licensing needs and prepares you for changes.

Scale Up Or Down has flexible options for whether you need a complete software implementation or prefer just to license products. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), you can purchase licensing through DC for all Microsoft Cloud products. We will equip you to scale up or down based on your needs.

Don’t Pay For More Than You Need

If you’ve already completed implementation and wonder if you have optimized your license costs, we can answer that question. can perform a licensing review to ensure that you’re not paying for more than you need.


While each Microsoft software product is different, our implementations are similar across our firm’s five practices. Typically, an implementation will include the following phases.

Assessment or Diagnostic Study

First, we get a high-level understanding of requirements and timeframe to provide an accurate quote. We gather data from meetings with your team to determine detailed requirements and from discussions with executive leadership to understand the project’s overarching goals.


After this initial analysis, our team starts tackling design. Our team strives to minimize the number of customizations while still optimizing the product’s value. We go through the requirements itemized during the Basic Assessment or Diagnostic Study sessions, propose design through document and prototyping, and seek business sign-off on processes.

Developed In The USA

If custom development is required, our skilled team of on-shore technical resources provides this service. We also complete standard configurations for your business during the Development phase.

Testing and Training

Throughout the design process, we work with your team to validate the design, test prototype scenarios, and write test scripts to evaluate the system before launch. We utilize our rigorous testing processes to train your internal experts to use the system. The test-train process equips your team with knowledge and experience so they can teach their direct reports and others in your company.


Careful preparation ensures you have a successful launch of your software. performs several conference room pilots and user acceptance testing rounds to give you the confidence that we have designed the system appropriately. User training is vital to ensure successful data migration efforts. Once we have completed the hand-off to your team, we transition into an ongoing support role, as requested, for continued optimization.

System Migration

Sticking with what you know can be comforting – except when it comes to your business software. Delaying a software upgrade or replacement of an outdated system inevitably increases cost over time.

On the flip side, staying up to date with the most current software versions optimizes your business operations. Newer platforms are more supportable, secure, and efficient. Whether you’ve delayed your migration for years or are making a minor change, will help you make the transition.

Depending on the age of your current system, migration or updates will vary in complexity. Some upgrades may use existing tools, require only basic training, and allow you to migrate quickly to a new platform. Other upgrades, especially older Finance and Operations environments with lots of customizations, can be more complex. Either way, has the experience and references for upgrades of both types.


Sales, Accounting, And Production Walk Into A Bar And Everyone Had A Good Time.

As laughable as it might seem, configuring your separate systems to work together is possible – with a bit of help. For example, Microsoft’s Finance, Operations, and Sales products are built on different platforms but can work together. To succeed with this integration, you will likely need a resource to configure your data and workflow.

Connect Microsoft Products With Outside Software

You may utilize a Microsoft product for part of your operations but use an external application for another part of your business. While these connections are complex, they can be profitable and worthwhile. can play a vital role in helping you complete this type of software integration. Our team will determine how to connect your systems using Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, and APIs.

Five Practices, One Firm

When you need one Partner who understands your immediate needs and grows with you, is the smart choice. Start by addressing your priority needs with the reassurance that you can expand into new areas with the same trusted Partner as your business grows.

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